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SortJoy Bins


Photo: SortJoy

I'm a big fan of using what you have when it comes to containers. Doing so saves you money and is better for the environment. But sometimes you just don't have what you need. Or you just want to treat yourself to something that adds beauty as well as function to your space.

For those times, I encourage you to check out SortJoy bins. Here's why I love them:

  • They're felt (not plastic).

  • They're made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Handles are made from vegan leather (65% recycled).

  • They're shipped minimally (no plastic, no inserts).

  • Some are machine washable.

  • They are absolutely beautiful.

  • SortJoy is a woman owned business.

I love them so much that I became a SortJoy RepThat's good news for you because I have a discount code that will save you 10% on any order you make. Just follow the link below and use the discount code SMEEHAN.




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