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Do you work with people with ADHD/anxiety/depression/executive function disorder?

Yes! These conditions can make getting and staying organized challenging, and many people who contact me report having at least one of them.

Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

Never! Every decision about what to keep and what not to keep will be yours to make.  However, I will guide you through a process to evaluate what you truly need and want.  

How many hours will it take to complete my project?

The variables involved in any project make this hard to predict.  Some people find it easy to make quick decisions about what to keep/not keep, while others need to take their time.  Some people can bust through a 3 hour work session, while others need to take breaks.  Whatever your personal work style is, we will work together to finish your project as efficiently as possible.

What containers should I buy?

None yet!  Before you start a project, it is hard to know what containers you'll need.  I prefer to wait until everything has been sorted and decluttered before making any decisions on containers.  Also, many clients find they already have containers around the house that they are able to use.  This saves money and decreases your consumption!

Is this the worst you've ever seen?

Probably not!  But I don't compare or rank projects.  Each project has its own unique circumstances and challenges.

Are you silently judging me?

Nope.  I'm just silently organizing you.  And you shouldn't be judging yourself either.  Disorganization is not a character flaw.  It is simply a problem to be solved.

I'm embarrassed.  Will you tell people that you've worked with me?  Will you share photos of my home?

I will never share any of your personal information, including photos, without your permission.  As a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), I am bound by their Code of Ethicswhich requires me to maintain strict confidentiality. 

Is your house perfect?

Hardly.  Two adults, two young kids, and one dog live in my house, so... no.  I realized long ago that perfection just isn't going to happen.  Although I never stop trying! We have a more realistic version of "perfect" - our things are organized in ways that work for us, and we can get the whole place company-ready in under 30 minutes (and that's with the kids "helping").

Were you born organized?

Yes!  My brain naturally tries to organize and declutter everything.  Always.  But you don't have to be born that way to learn how to be organized!  You just need a desire to learn and a good teacher to guide you through the process.

Simply Thriving Organization LLC

La Crosse, WI


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