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Have stuff? Have friends with stuff?
Book a Pitch and Bitch Party!

The recipe for any great party is good friends, good food/drinks, and... decluttering! 

(Look, when you have the good friends, you can make a party out of anything, right?)

So, grab some friends and book a Pitch and Bitch Party. Here's how it works:

  • Pitch and Bitch Parties are done over Zoom, so you and your friends can be anywhere in the world.

  • Each participant chooses a spot in their home to declutter during the party. 

  • As you work, I guide you through the decluttering process and offer support.

  • And, it's a party, so... we bitch, chat, shoot the shit, converse, chew the fat, engage in discourse, etc. (We can do any of these things, depending on how fancy you and your friends want to be.)

  • BYO refreshments.

  • Each party is scheduled for 60 minutes.

  • Up to 10 people per party.

  • Cost is $15 per person with a $100 minimum.

Can't wait to get the party started? Book your Pitch and Bitch Party below!


Book your
Pitch and Bitch Party!

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