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Work Sessions

How I Work


I start all home organizing projects with an assessment. During this time, you will walk me through your home, showing me any areas of concern, and we will discuss what is working for you and what is not. If we decide then that we would like to work together, we will schedule a work session.



During our work session, we will work side by side to tackle the targeted problem. Your participation is important because you will make decisions about what to keep and what to not keep (if decluttering is needed) and collaborate with me on tailoring an organizational system that suits your needs. Working together also enables me to transfer skills and strategies that you can apply in other areas of your home/life. 

Virtual Work

Yes, I do work with clients virtually as well!

Benefits of working virtually:

  • We are not restricted by location.

  • Virtual sessions have a minimum length of only 30 minutes, so they are often easier for clients with busy schedules, ADHD, low energy levels, etc.

  • Virtual work is also great for clients who can do the bulk of the work themselves but need some guidance through the process.

If you're interested in working with me virtually, mention that when you contact me!

Simply Thriving Organization LLC

La Crosse, WI


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