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Thanks for registering!

What next?

Watch your email. I'll be sending an invoice soon. A day or two before the club kicks off, I'll also send you a link to the private Facebook page.

Get the book. The book we're using this round is The Declutter Challenge by Cassandra Aarssen. You can find details here. (This is an Amazon link, but I'm not suggesting that you get it there. Your local book store can probably order it for you if they don't already have it!) Normally I suggest looking for the book at the library or getting an ebook (because, you know... clutter). And some people prefer audiobooks. However, this book is a little different. Because it is a journal/workbook, you may want to actually have your own copy.

Spread the word. If you know someone who struggles with clutter, encourage them to join the club as well. The best part of the book club is the community!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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