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With an organized space, mind, and life.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Is your home causing you stress?

Are you ready to get control of your life?

I can help.

Perhaps you've always struggled with organization. Or you never had a problem until you had kids, got a new job, or downsized. However you got here, you are feeling stressed about your home. With a professional organizer's help, you can get problem areas under control and start thriving in so many ways.


  • Feel more relaxed and peaceful in your home.

  • Spend more time doing what you like.

  • Save time and money.

  • Lessen your impact on the environment.

  • Enjoy having guests in your house.

  • Get an energy boost

  • Eat better (no kidding!).

Providing in-person services to the La Crosse, WI area and digital services beyond.



Working with Sonja has been completely wonderful. I am a librarian and she has done multiple learning programs for our community. She is clear, kind, approachable, and gives practical tips that feel doable rather than overwhelming. I highly recommend her service and am looking forward to more collaborations with her at the library!!

- Becca

Sonja is a true professional! She has helped me organize, declutter, and even streamline my schedule to be more efficient. The schedule work was an awesome process!!! Additionally, she has helped me with design choices - listening and paying attention to my personal style and offering ideas for how to achive a sense of calm without losing my asthetic. She has introduced strategies that I can utilize regularly. My favorite part of working with Sonja is that she is fun and lighthearted - which helps a LOT when you're possibly feeling stuck or overwhelmed! We often laugh while we're working. I highly recommend giving her a call to have consult - you'll be so impressed - with her business and the outcomes. I know I have been!

- Courtney

Sonja is a life-saver. Is that overly dramatic? No, I don’t think so! Clutter (and my inability to conquer it on my own) affect my mental health and my quality of life. It affects my ability to parent and to do my work. I absolutely feel like she is giving me my life and sanity back as she helps me get a handle on things I have been struggling with on my own for years. She is able to look at a room and create a strategy for approaching it that is efficient, painless and so very satisfying. I am so grateful that I found her and highly recommend her to anyone struggling to declutter and/organize their space.

- Heather

Sonja transformed a room full of boxes and clutter, a room that made me feel overwhelmed and depressed just to look at it, into my favorite room in the house!


I'm two months out from our final session and it still looks great. Turns out it's easy to maintain a space where everything has a place, and having an orderly room is so peaceful for both me and my family.


Working with Sonja was so enjoyable; I never felt judged or stupid. In fact, we had great conversations, and I gained many pro tips about managing kid stuff. As a matter of fact, it was such a rewarding experience, that it gave me energy to tackle other projects around the house too. I highly recommend Sonja!

- Jill

Enjoyed being with Sonja, her relaxed way of sharing/doing her organizational skills.  A very supportive and "freeing" experience for getting things "put together" as well as "gotten

rid of"!

- Diane

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Simply Thriving Organization LLC

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